BMW Electrical & Mechanical Repairs

From simple oil leaks to engine rebuilds, we have the tools to do them. We've invested in original BMW Group special Tools. Rest assured we can handle it. Below is a small list of common electrical and mechanical repairs.

Valve Cover Gaskets

Normally called the cylinder head cover gasket, these gaskets are made of mostly rubber. Over time the heating and cooling cycles of an engine causes the rubber to become a hard and brittle. Typically these gaskets will start to develop a leak at around 80,000 miles. Independent shops will typically install aftermarket parts to save on costs and increase revenue. We remove the cylinder head cover, gasket, clean the channels, and replace the gaskets, washer seals with Original BMW Parts while applying Dreibond as needed.

Transmission Sealing Sleeve

A common issue found on new generation vehicles from 2002-2009. This electrical connector housing for the ZF 6 Speed transmission starts to seep around 30,000 miles. The transmission oil pan is removed, connector housing is replaced. Depending on vehicle mileage we may recommend additional parts to prevent repeat service visits.

Sensors, Switches & Actuators

From oil level sensors to camshaft position sensors, we've seen them cause various issues. Let us save you money by having the vehicle properly diagnosed.