Accessories, Body Equipment & Suspension

If you need a window regulator replaced, your suspension checked out, or even a key ordered let us know. With the exception to body work and alignments we can handle most repairs in house. We do partner with local business to offer you a complete solution for your needs. Below is a small list of repairs our customers may run into.

Panoramic Sunroof Rebuild

BMW first introduced panoramic sunroofs in 2004 X5 and X3 vehicles. Over time the moving parts (exposed to cold and heat) can become brittle and break. Often time's dealers will say that the sunroof needs to be replaced, usually at the cost of ~$4,500. Instead of replacing these complex sunroofs, most can be rebuilt with new Original BMW Parts.


If your car is making noise when traveling over bumps or if the steering wheel is shaking when driving at highway speeds, it may be a sign that the suspension is worn out. We can bring that BMW feeling back. Let us check your cv boots, tie rods, lower control arms, tension struts and springs.

Window Regulators

Window operation making noise? Window stuck in the open position? Anti-Trap function not working? We've seen it all, but fear not because we use only Original BMW Parts to get you back safely on the road