Diagnosis, Coding & Programming

We are fully equipped to diagnose all BMW Group vehicles. We utilize the last version of ISTA+, BMW Engineering Software, and advanced 3rd Party Tools that BMW dealers and most repair shops do not have access to. Below is a small list of common coding and programming requests our customers will generally need.

Control Unit Replacement

As a global manufacturer, BMW must design a large variety of control modules to meet numerous vehicle requirements. By using Coding and/or Programming, the large variety of control modules needed can be reduced to a smaller number of model specific hardware variations. Using original BMW software we can program and encode all BMW Group vehicles.

Car Key Memory

The Car Key Memory feature is another important service we offer. It provides the ability to customize certain vehicle and key functions to meet the specific preferences of the customer. Say you want to turn off daytime running lights, or even roll up the windows with the remote. With our 20 plus years of experience utilizing BMW engineering software and CIP/Progman, we can handle any reasonable request.


Want to improve transmission shift quality or add accessories like iPOD, Sirius Radio, Aux Input or even a Class 3 trailer hitch? We can do it! Call us any time to setup an appointment for your needs.