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New Location

In response to overwhelming demand, R&N Bavarian Motors has moved to a new location. For details please check our Directions page.

About Us

When it comes to BMW service, we've learned the ropes. We are fully trained professionals. We don't make guesses about how to repair your BMW. We draw on hundreds of hours of technical training and thousands of hours of hands-on experience to repair all series models.

BMWs are not only our specialty; they have been our sole business every day, as BMW dealer technicians, for a combined thirty years. Our business has grown into the leading Independent BMW service shop in the City of Chicago by sole virtue of word of mouth. If you want to hear what people are saying about us, just visit our Yelp page. We keep our customers happy, by keeping their cars happy; and we do it without breaking the bank. Unlike most other repair shops we won't make unnecessary, costly repairs and are always happy to answer your questions.

To schedule an appointment please call us on (312) 455-8500 or submit a request through our online booking system.